Fear: The Cure for Stress

There is no such thing as stress. Stress, as we know it, does not exist!.. The term stress is humankind’s attempt to take one of nature’s finest gifts to our bodies and label it a disease!

– Robert Maurer, PhD – Mastering Fear  

The short answer to almost every dilemma we face is stress. We are too stressed out, it raises our blood pressure, causes anxiety, we believe it shortens our lives, and in turn we do everything in our power to relieve it.


But what if stress, as Dr. Robert Maurer states above, does not really exist?

First, we would probably call him a quack, which I can assure you he is not. Then, if we take it seriously, what should we call all the stress and anxiety we have been dealing with all these years?

The answer to that last question may also be at the root to relieving the stress, anxiety and depression we experience or at the very least minimizing it and its effects. But, the word we should be using has even more negative connotations than stress. The word is FEAR!


However, according to Dr. Maurer we better get used to it because by not properly identifying it we cannot properly deal with it.

Many of us use words like “stress, anxiety, depression,” or “nerves” to describe a strong, persistent feeling of upset in our bodies. However, I have been intrigued by how rarely highly successful people use these words… They all used the word fear. 

Dr. Maurer knows that fear, in its most primal form, is the gift of survival. If we face our fears, rather than the nebulous “stress, anxiety, or nerves” it can allow us to finally address the main issues rather than letting them stew and then lead to anxiety or depression.

Stress is actually fear trapped in a culture with an unhealthy relationship to that emotion.


In my conversation with Dr. Maurer this week we delve deep into an issue that just might provide the solace we all need, not only to get us through our stress filled lives, but to actually turn them around so we can face our fears and reach our highest potential.

Fear not, enjoy the show and have a great week,




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I want to reach people to wake them up. Maybe one person will try something they wouldn’t try.

– Riva Spier –

What would life be like if whatever was holding us back we could face head on and give us unbridled freedom? Most of us would say it would feel pretty damn good. Of course we would still have to fight through the daily grind of life but there would be a sense of freedom unleashed.

I have covered this concept in a variety of ways with some prominent guests from all walks of life and will continue to do so because it is truly the definition of “The Pursuit of Happiness.” However, when I realized I knew someone on a personal level who not only deals with the everyday issues most of us face but who went beyond that to create challenges because she wanted to fulfill her passions, I decided I wanted all my viewers to experience her first hand.


Her name is Riva Spier, a single mom who earns her living as a physical trainer, one of the best in my opinion, who has changed the lives of so many including my wife and her friends. Her “Boomer Fitness Workout” and her special gift for reaching all, is designed to keep women of all ages active and strong.

But Riva had another passion that had to be fulfilled. Or as she put it: “I just had to seize the moment from my heart… And saddle up and go.”


Riva needed to sing, but not just for herself, she wanted to touch audiences and inspire.

Whatever the music makes them feel they move away from the mundane for that time, and that brings me a great feeling of joy.

This week on our PBS stations you too will feel the joy when Riva and I discuss her new CD Unbridled and why it is never too late to find out what brings you joy and to stop at nothing to make it happen.


Enjoy the episode and have a great week,




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Right Away & All At Once

Work is not primarily the thing one does to live, but the thing one lives to do. 

Greg BrennemanRight Away & All At Once

How we view our work is a major factor in our overall happiness and emotional health. The key to creating a positive outlook about our work is to align it as closely with our purpose and mission in life. Now, file that concept as the definition of something easy to say and so difficult to do.

Plus, what adds to that dilemma is that many of us cannot wait to find our purpose before we have to start working. In fact, in my case it was quite some time after working before I connected with my purpose. But, that may actually be the key. The work we do can unfold the envelope that holds that elusive mission we crave and desire and the success it can lead to.


Few recognize that better, and have successfully implemented it in their own life, than Greg Brenneman

Greg is a true visionary business leader. As the one time CEO of Burger King and Continental Airlines he brought new life to both companies and took Continental from one of the lowest ranked airlines to a top notch and most respected organization. Currently he is CEO and Chairman of his own global private equity firm CCMP and proudly sits on the board of Home Depot. 

As impressive as the position’s he held are his insights and philosophies about work and life.   

Stop trying to achieve the impossibility of work/life balance, and focus instead on work/ life integration.


In our conversation this week about his book Right Away & All At Once, Greg shares how we can challenge ourselves to better understand our lives and our work and how to blend them into a natural form that benefits our jobs, our families and ourselves.

I also had the privilege of talking with Greg before and after the taping and to see how he embodies his wisdom is a pure delight and contagious as you too will experience when you meet this fine gentleman.

Enjoy the episode, integrate your life and work, and feel the joy it brings.

Have a great week,




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Are We There Yet?


I could write a book about the things I’ve learned but still don’t know. Just like the little kid in the back of the car, I wonder when I will get to that indescribable place where I feel at one with myself and in a sense, complete.

A part of me says; NEVER. A part of me says; WHEN? And a part of me sometimes says; NOW. However, they are not in equal parts. The feelings resemble a bell curve with the NEVER and the NOW on the very ends and a large sweeping WHEN hovering across most of it.


Although it does not always feel that way, WHEN at least means motion and since every single thing from the tiniest of particles to the massiveness of the universe is always in motion, I can at least feel in good company.

You express gratitude for what you already have and for all that you’d like to receive as though you have already received it…

GRATITUDE that is the key in my opinion to setting this all in motion.

May McCarthy – The Path to Wealth

Ah, that lovely word GRATITUDE. Why does that have such a hard time staying in the forefront of my consciousness, but is so comfortable lying down in the back of my mind?


Some enlightening answers to that question comes from my conversation with May McCarthy, seen this week on Between the Lines.

May is an extremely successful entrepreneur, speaker and author who believes that we all have the power within to: “Eliminate old behaviors that have kept you from the experiences you really want.”

I have gotten to know May very well and I am certain that she is right. However, I still cannot help but wonder: “Am I there yet?”

Until I can I will keep her words in mind:

Remain calm in the face of adversity – There will always be distressing situations in life that we can’t control. But if we’re prepared, we don’t have to experience debilitating distress.

Enjoy the episode, remain calm and have a great week whether you are there or not yet,




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Being Our Own Brand

We know we want more, but we’re not sure what it is that we need… More often it’s not the elimination of a clog but the creation of a new path.

Gary SzenderskiSzen Zone: Reaching a State of Positive Change

 My mother always had a saying that went like this: “I don’t know what I need but I know I need something.” It is a state that we all often find ourselves in.

I believe we feel that way most especially when we do not know our purpose, mission, or our brand. And even those lucky enough to have found all of the above still sometimes feel a yearning for what they believe is lacking in their life, without actually knowing what that is.


Gary Szenderski is an author, speaker, teacher and branding specialist. He is internationally acclaimed as an expert on the subject of defining a company’s, an organization’s, and an individual’s brand and how to find that something you need but cannot put your finger on it.

Our perspective makes a difference in how all of it unfolds.

But changing our perspective, as simple as it sounds, is not as easy as we would wish it to be. Gary knows that: “Waiting for, and expecting something to happen can freeze a person into a stall.”


So, are we just caught between a rock and a hard place? Not according to Gary:

If we tap into what got us here, we can create a better version of ourselves from here forward, one step, one chapter, one moment at a time.


In our conversation this week on most of our PBS stations Gary and I explore this topic. Whether you find that something or not, you will get one step closer.

The deepest wisdom is not knowing your exact purpose in this world, but knowing that you do indeed have one.

Rabbi David Wolpe Off the Pulpit Blog 5-27-16

Also, this being the Memorial Day weekend I wish all my viewers and readers a good time with friends and family. Please though, as you gather around the barbeque, take the time to pause and be thankful for all the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and those who continue to serve and defend our country. They certainly know their brand and purpose and we are all the better for it.


Enjoy the holiday, the episode, and have a great week,




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Woody-Wooden and Me

Most worthwhile things come wrapped in adversity… If we magnified blessings as much as we magnify disappointments, we would all be much happier. 

Coach John Wooden, as told to Woody Woodburn, in Wooden and Me 


I get to magnify my blessings every time I hear from viewers. I also am blessed to meet some of the most wonderful people in the world and then get to share that experience. Add to the mix a great family and wonderful friends and what more could anyone ask for?

Okay, to be a little thinner and have more money.

That said, this is a rare occasion for me when I share with all this week’s episode. Because my guest, Woody Woodburn, was first a viewer. However, as a world class journalist, he also happened to develop a long-time, deep relationship with the greatest coach, John Wooden, who also was a guest on Between the Lines. 


My conversation with Woody, about his friendship with Coach, felt like getting a double dollop of wisdom from two very special people. Woody’s friendship with Coach spanned decades and throughout the years they would often walk and talk together for many miles. Woody got to hear first-hand some of the coaches most important messages of life.

Whatever your goal is, if you take it one step at a time… If you focus on making each day your masterpiece – specifically, making today your masterpiece – well then it becomes doable. And it also becomes more enjoyable.

Have a great week, enjoy this stirring episode and make each day your masterpiece,




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Limping on Water

Develop a reputation for hard work and honesty… Don’t do anything that is ethically questionable. You will lose more than you could ever gain.

Phil Beuth – Limping on Water

Philandbook (1)

I have been blessed to have a number of people in my life who have supported me on many levels. One of those very special people is a gentleman named Phil Beuth. As President of ABC Late Night, Phil gave me my first job in network television. He also was the first non-family member to help support Between the Lines and did so at such a crucial time that without him there would be no show. He also did it without expecting anything in return.

That is just a small taste of the great things Phil Beuth has done for others. He was a pioneer in fundraising for the fight against AIDS, organizing the first television special-telethon that raised money and awareness for this previously closeted disease.

As the first employee of Capital Cities, the former owners of ABC Television, Phil helped grow what many consider the best managed company of the 20th century.


In fact, at the upcoming Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting later this month, legendary investor and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett, not only praises Phil’s book, Limping on Water, but ordered hundreds of copies so it would be available to his shareholders when they meet in Omaha, Nebraska on April 30th.

Hire the best people, pay them well, never have more people than necessary, give them equity and autonomy in an ethical company and leave them alone.

Limping on Water


Phil was born with cerebral palsy, thus the title for his book, but could not let something like that stop him. In our conversation, airing on our PBS stations this week, you will meet this wonderful man, see how a company can succeed when its main focus is integrity and how when you apply the lessons from Phil’s book you too will reap the benefits in your work and your life.

Enjoy and have a great week,




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