The Five Thieves of Happiness

The temple of happiness for ourselves and our species is in our minds.  We must rise above the noise, notice the thieves for who they are, stop their unlimited reign and choose a new path. Not only can we do this, but collectively we must.

Dr. John IzzoThe Five Thieves of Happiness  

Awhile back I did an episode without a guest when Dr. John Izzo had a situation that made him cancel his appearance on Between the Lines at the very last minute. The episode was an interesting experiment but I promised to have John back on the program as soon as he was available.

What makes this episode with John so powerful is that just as he rescheduled to come on the program, a few days later his mother passed away. I told John I would be happy to wait for another opportunity and expressed my deep sorrow for his mom’s passing. However, Dr. Izzo believed that this would be the best time for him to share with us all the depths of his beliefs and why it is so important to shed light on what true happiness is, even at the saddest of times.

In our conversation about his deeply insightful book, The Five Thieves of Happiness, John believes that we do not need to seek out happiness as much as we need to get out of its way.

By the nature of the topic and the circumstances, this is one of the most powerful episodes I personally experienced. You can watch it now online with a click on the video above or see it on your local PBS station this week. (Click here for times and channels in your area)

Much of our misery comes when that story of our life does not match some ideal narrative we have about how our life might be… Notice that thief with compassion 

-Dr. John Izzo-

Watch out for all the thieves that steal away your happiness and have a great week,


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