Supremely Partisan

Court decisions are often not sourced in the Constitution or the law, but in the personal views of the Justices.

James ZirinSupremely Parisan

In recent years we are not so used to such rancor in our political landscape. But, it has been going on in our nation even before we were a nation.

However, if we lose faith in our valued institutions, also something we have experienced in the past, it is even more disturbing. When one of those institutions, the Supreme Court, considered the most revered by many loses its way, the situation is more urgent.


It is one thing when our media and other institutions feel on shaky ground due to extreme partisanship, it is a whole other story when it comes to our legal system. There, in many cases, in can be a matter of life and death.


In my discussion this week with acclaimed attorney James Zirin, about his book Supremely Partisan, we explore how raw politics can tip the scales of justice and why we must be more diligent than ever in our role as citizens.

To believe in the American experiment, we need to have faith that our people share with the framers of the Constitution a moral judgment.

-James Zirin-

This week, on most of our PBS stations, get an insider view of the court and how it has gone astray. (Click here for times and channels in your area)

But also, remember to keep the faith for we have been through so much worse and have always come out stronger in the long run. As Sir Winston Churchill said: “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing – after they tried everything else.”


Keep on keeping on and have a great week,


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