Why Are We Here?

We humans see beauty in nature, and we seek meaning. We don’t just want to know how the universe operates; we want to understand how we fit in. 

Leonard Mlodinow, Ph.D 

Our quest to understand our role in the universe is one of our deepest instincts. In fact, according to my guest this week, the great theoretical physicist Leonard Mlodinow, he has been thinking about just that on many levels.

Theoretical physics, in most cases, leaves even the great physicists shaking their heads in confusion. But Dr. Mlodinow is the one person they turn to when it comes to explaining the most complex concepts.

The co-author of two books with the legendary Stephen Hawking, Leonard is able to distill profound concepts of physics to show how they relate to our everyday lives.


In our conversation this week we combine many of his own writings to shed light on some of mankind’s most puzzling questions. Questions that range from consciousness itself to the unconscious mind where most of our brain’s activity takes place without us even knowing it. (Click here for times and channels in your area)

As Dr. Mlodinow writes:

It is by uncovering the workings of the unconscious that we can best understand both how we are related to other species and what makes us uniquely human.

This is an episode that will leave you with more questions than answers, but in this case, that is a good thing.

Enjoy the inimitable Leonard Mlodinow and have a great week,


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