Why You Must Discover Your Cosmic Self

There’s one relationship in your life — in everyone’s life — that has been kept a secret. This is your relationship to reality.

Dr. Deepak ChopraYou Are the Universe

We are always trying to find our place in the world and our reason for being. However, what if the answer is found by not only looking deeper within ourselves, but farther out of ourselves as well.

Dr. Deepak Chopra is a pioneer in many fields. He has broken new ground in integrated medicine and personal transformation and now goes one step further. With his book, You Are the Universe, co-authored with Menas Kafatos, Dr. Chopra brings a new alliance of science and spirituality.


In our conversation we delve into our cosmic self, our consciousness and many other issues that are rarely spoken about but play a deep role in understanding our world, our universe and our role in it all. (Click here for times and channels in your area)

As Deepak writes:

A conscious universe responds to how we think and feel… The real question isn’t whether you are creating reality — all of us are — but how deeply your interventions go.

And believe me “deeply” is an understatement when you see how our discussion traverses topics as far ranging as physics to philosophy, the self to the infinite, and existence to the spiritual.


Enjoy this rare conversation and have a great week,


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