Fresh Eyes for a Flat World

Innovation requires deep knowledge, but it also requires fresh eyes, to see a problem in a new light and to fashion a new way of resolving it 

Gillian HadfieldRules for a Flat World

Is our legal infrastructure ready for the new world we live in? Is it keeping up with the digital age or drowning in cost and complexity? Are national and global legal systems doing what they are supposed to do?

Legal and economic scholar Gillian Hadfield is not only concerned that they are not, but is laying down the gauntlet and challenging the establishment to make changes that brings the rule of law up to 21st Century standards.

In our conversation about her book, Rules for a Flat World, we explore a vast array of legal and economic issues that Professor Hadfield says we must address in order to achieve a more vibrant and sustainable economy for us all. (Click here for times and channels in your area)


As Professor Hadfield declares in her manifesto:

We need to bring to our legal infrastructure the kinds of responsive innovation and investment that competitive markets bring to the rest of the economy.

This is a fascinating time and a unique position we find ourselves in. Our technology may for the first time be exceeding our political and social grasp. However, we humans are a tough species and capable as a society to deal with our legal, economic and governmental infrastructures to insure they benefit us all and to do what, as Professor Hadfield states: Make it easier for people to work together and make life for all better, not worse.”

Enjoy the episode and have a great week,


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