The Wisdom of 1,000 Entrepreneurs

Too many people grow up without a clue regarding their true potential to live a life resembling their dreams.

Nelson DavisMaking It!-TV

Purpose, passion and perseverance. Those are the first three words you see when you click on Nelson Davis’s website, Making It! Nelson is committed to combining his passion in order to promote economic empowerment for all. During his career he has spoken with over a thousand entrepreneurs from all walks of life and believes everyone can be better developed by learning to think like an entrepreneur.

We all face many obstacles in life, but Nelson firmly believes that none of them have to be barriers. In fact, the obstacles themselves can create inspiration and creativity. He also wants people to not fear failure. An entrepreneur must always look at failure as just another opportunity and that is how we all need to look at our ups and downs in life. As Nelson says:

If you are afraid to stare a failure in the eye, you may not be prepared to truly enjoy major successes.

In my conversation with Nelson, airing this week on most of our PBS stations, we discuss the deep level of wisdom he gained by being an entrepreneur and by talking to thousands of them. (Click here for times and channels in your area).


Two in particular that I learned from Nelson and want to share with you here are: “Learn to love your problems because they are the only thing that you are guaranteed to have every day.” And, “There are no traffic jams on the extra mile.”

Enjoy the episode and go that extra mile.


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