Using Wisdom in the Battle of Misinformation

Misinformation has been a fixture of human life for thousands of years. The unique problem we face today is that misinformation has proliferated. 

Daniel LevitinWeaponized Lies 

There is only one way to battle “Weaponized Lies” and the proliferation of misinformation. The solution is wisdom. Wisdom goes beyond knowledge, information and education. In fact, those that spread misinformation are almost always knowledgeable, informed and educated. It is how they are able to manipulate through misinformation in the first place.

Although good education and true factual information can lead to knowledge, wisdom resides in its own pantheon. It is the apex of what we need in order to thrive. It is the tool required to take education, information and knowledge and turn it into a weapon against all the muck and mire thrown at us on a daily basis from so many arenas.


Wisdom is our ability to have a deeper understanding of our world and a greater appreciation for the role we play in it. As my dear friend Wayne describes it: “Knowledge is respected. Wisdom is revered.”

In my conversation with Dr. Levitin about his book, Weaponized Lies, we probe deeply into the wisdom required to develop the critical thinking needed in our modern era. Airing this week on most of our PBS stations we discuss a number of issues from false statistics to deceptive illustrations to outright manipulation of facts. (Click here for times and channels in your area).


As Dr. Levitin states: “We—each of us—need to think critically and carefully about the numbers and words we encounter if we want to be successful at work, at play, and in making the most of our lives.”

Enjoy the episode and I hope you are having a wonderful Passover and Easter Holiday,



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