The Bird that Flew it’s Own Way

I’m in awe of all the roads and detours it took for me to get here, almost as if, without knowing it.

– Tippi Hedren – Tippi: A Memoir 

Tippi Hedren was discovered by Alfred Hitchcock and his wife Alma. As a young Hollywood ingénue she beat out some of the most well known actresses to star in Hitchcock’s The Birds. Tippi then followed that up with another much sought after role, in another Hitchcock film, Marnie. 


But then the ground shifted and Tippi found more detours then one could imagine. How she deals with it all is what makes our conversation, airing this week on most of our PBS stations, so relatable. (Click here to see where and when in your town)

Tippi’s values trumped fame and fortune. And in an era when women’s rights were just beginning to bloom, as a single mom to her daughter Melanie Griffith, Tippi would not let the casting couch be her way to the top. Her idealism and never give up attitude sets an example for all to follow.


And at 87 years old, which you will find hard to believe when you see her, she is not only still going strong, but is more involved in life and all its riches than ever before. (She brags about her age and wanted me to mention it.)

Prepare yourself for an episode that will amaze and inspire anyone at any age.



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