Misery Loves Company

We all have existential pain. Things that hurt us, that reveal our vulnerabilities to us… That’s what makes us broken. The good news is we are all broken so we can have something to share with each other. 

Dennis Palumbo

Our pain bonds us more than our joy. At first that seems like a depressing notion, but it is the human trait that allowed us not only to survive but thrive. The reason is we all relate to the struggle of life, it is happiness that often escapes us. And the first thing we realized, even in pre-historic times, was that we were much more capable of dealing with life when we slogged through it together.

Yet, the great dichotomy is that when we are in pain, until we realize it, we cocoon ourselves. We close ourselves off waiting for something to break us out of our malaise. Then, to add to our misery, we wallow in it while waiting. No wonder Tom Petty wrote these words: “The waiting is the hardest part.”

Now, don’t you wish I had the perfect answer to this dilemma? I know I do. However, it is above my pay grade. But it is not above the pay grade of my guest this week, Dr. Dennis Palumbo (CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT WHEN THE EPISODE AIRS IN YOUR HOME TOWN).

Our conversation follows two paths. One is from his latest mystery, Phantom Limb, the other is through his work as one of the preeminent physiologists who deals with issues of creativity on a variety of levels and in a variety of fields.

So, if you’re feeling even just a little broken, the good news is you’ll have something to share with the two of us.



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