Dance with Me to Mars

Few things in space exploration are simple, and often any questions answered, end up prompting even more. 

Rod PyleMars: Making Contact

The above quote by my guest this week, NASA historian Rod Pyle, sums up my own experience when it comes to thinking about the cosmos. I find myself with more questions the deeper I probe, but what I find fascinating is that the questions are not only what our role is in it all, but what its role in us is.

Another thing I ponder is the role of ART amongst the science of space exploration. From Copernicus to Newton and from Einstein to Hawking, all at one time or another used artistic visual conceptions to come up with their mathematical, scientific theories,

For a while our education systems we were focusing on what is known as the STEM curriculum. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. But now educators are adding a big “A” into the mix, for the Arts. So, within just a couple of years it went from STEM to STEAM as the acronym guiding teachers and course selection.


Plus, when you see some of the magnificent photos from the book, that also appear during our conversation, it often is the beauty of it all that drives humankind to exploration in the first place. Even actual funding for NASA often depends on the beautiful imagery captured during missions in space and in particular on Mars.

But will an astronaut soon take another “giant leap for mankind?” To paraphrase Rod, there is something poetic that mankind and only mankind can bring to the equation.

Enjoy the episode and Happy St. Patty’s Day,


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