The Art and Philosophy of a Video Game Designer

Worldwide, video game sales are over 100 Billion dollars a year. It is time to give some serious thought to the art, philosophy, and business of this booming industry.

Having two sons who both love gaming, along with a host of friends and family members, I began to notice how the games not only stimulate the players, but had an effect on me as someone watching them play. What truly jumped out the most as a viewer was that the creators of these games must be some of the most talented and versatile artists of our time.

And I had the opportunity to have one of the great game designers on the upcoming episode. His name is Mackey McCandlish of Respawn Entertainment, a division of Electronic Arts, one of the largest gaming companies.


Our conversation delves deep into all aspects from both the designer’s perspective as well as the players. The focus is on a recent game that Mackey played a major role in designing, Titanfall 2. His astute awareness of all areas that comprise making the game allowed us to explore the technology itself, along with the underpinning philosophies that go into creating this elaborate process. And, as Mackey would be the first to state, it takes a team of hundreds that include, artists, engineers, software designers, philosophers, historians and many others to make the experience engaging and enriching.

Enjoy the episode,


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