A New Year – A New Between the Lines

Dear viewers and readers: Last week I told you there was a lot going on with Between the Lines and as we start the New Year I want to fill you in.

Between the Lines is now entering our 21st season on PBS. We started with just one station, WYCC in Chicago, and now the series is seen in over 95% of the country with viewers online as far away as China and Russia.

After 20 years, with such viewer support for what we do, we wanted to give our treasured viewers an even greater experience. The first move was to produce the show in Hi-Definition, creating a more dynamic and updated look.

In addition to being in Hi-Def, with the support of our new studio and its General Manager Carla Carlini and her fantastic team at LA 36, we created a more intimate feel. From a redesigned set, to new graphics, music, artwork, all aimed to thrust you deeper into each episode while producing a more stimulating overall experience.

Plus, besides the show itself, we are adding many dynamic online elements that create new opportunities for you to engage with myself, my guests and each other. These elements will run the gamut of interactive ways to enrich, enlighten and create a more vibrant, involved community. All designed to deliver an experience that provides a deeper understanding of our world and a greater appreciation for our role in it.

Our new season debuts the week of February 4th and I will keep you updated to all our new and improved developments.

May 2017 bless you and yours with good health, happiness and fulfilled desires,




TO CONTACT BARRY YOU MAY E-MAIL HIM AT: barrykibrick@aol.com


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