Fear: The Cure for Stress

There is no such thing as stress. Stress, as we know it, does not exist!.. The term stress is humankind’s attempt to take one of nature’s finest gifts to our bodies and label it a disease!

– Robert Maurer, PhD – Mastering Fear  

The short answer to almost every dilemma we face is stress. We are too stressed out, it raises our blood pressure, causes anxiety, we believe it shortens our lives, and in turn we do everything in our power to relieve it.


But what if stress, as Dr. Robert Maurer states above, does not really exist?

First, we would probably call him a quack, which I can assure you he is not. Then, if we take it seriously, what should we call all the stress and anxiety we have been dealing with all these years?

The answer to that last question may also be at the root to relieving the stress, anxiety and depression we experience or at the very least minimizing it and its effects. But, the word we should be using has even more negative connotations than stress. The word is FEAR!


However, according to Dr. Maurer we better get used to it because by not properly identifying it we cannot properly deal with it.

Many of us use words like “stress, anxiety, depression,” or “nerves” to describe a strong, persistent feeling of upset in our bodies. However, I have been intrigued by how rarely highly successful people use these words… They all used the word fear. 

Dr. Maurer knows that fear, in its most primal form, is the gift of survival. If we face our fears, rather than the nebulous “stress, anxiety, or nerves” it can allow us to finally address the main issues rather than letting them stew and then lead to anxiety or depression.

Stress is actually fear trapped in a culture with an unhealthy relationship to that emotion.


In my conversation with Dr. Maurer this week we delve deep into an issue that just might provide the solace we all need, not only to get us through our stress filled lives, but to actually turn them around so we can face our fears and reach our highest potential.

Fear not, enjoy the show and have a great week,




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