I want to reach people to wake them up. Maybe one person will try something they wouldn’t try.

– Riva Spier –

What would life be like if whatever was holding us back we could face head on and give us unbridled freedom? Most of us would say it would feel pretty damn good. Of course we would still have to fight through the daily grind of life but there would be a sense of freedom unleashed.

I have covered this concept in a variety of ways with some prominent guests from all walks of life and will continue to do so because it is truly the definition of “The Pursuit of Happiness.” However, when I realized I knew someone on a personal level who not only deals with the everyday issues most of us face but who went beyond that to create challenges because she wanted to fulfill her passions, I decided I wanted all my viewers to experience her first hand.


Her name is Riva Spier, a single mom who earns her living as a physical trainer, one of the best in my opinion, who has changed the lives of so many including my wife and her friends. Her “Boomer Fitness Workout” and her special gift for reaching all, is designed to keep women of all ages active and strong.

But Riva had another passion that had to be fulfilled. Or as she put it: “I just had to seize the moment from my heart… And saddle up and go.”


Riva needed to sing, but not just for herself, she wanted to touch audiences and inspire.

Whatever the music makes them feel they move away from the mundane for that time, and that brings me a great feeling of joy.

This week on our PBS stations you too will feel the joy when Riva and I discuss her new CD Unbridled and why it is never too late to find out what brings you joy and to stop at nothing to make it happen.


Enjoy the episode and have a great week,




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