Right Away & All At Once

Work is not primarily the thing one does to live, but the thing one lives to do. 

Greg BrennemanRight Away & All At Once

How we view our work is a major factor in our overall happiness and emotional health. The key to creating a positive outlook about our work is to align it as closely with our purpose and mission in life. Now, file that concept as the definition of something easy to say and so difficult to do.

Plus, what adds to that dilemma is that many of us cannot wait to find our purpose before we have to start working. In fact, in my case it was quite some time after working before I connected with my purpose. But, that may actually be the key. The work we do can unfold the envelope that holds that elusive mission we crave and desire and the success it can lead to.


Few recognize that better, and have successfully implemented it in their own life, than Greg Brenneman

Greg is a true visionary business leader. As the one time CEO of Burger King and Continental Airlines he brought new life to both companies and took Continental from one of the lowest ranked airlines to a top notch and most respected organization. Currently he is CEO and Chairman of his own global private equity firm CCMP and proudly sits on the board of Home Depot. 

As impressive as the position’s he held are his insights and philosophies about work and life.   

Stop trying to achieve the impossibility of work/life balance, and focus instead on work/ life integration.


In our conversation this week about his book Right Away & All At Once, Greg shares how we can challenge ourselves to better understand our lives and our work and how to blend them into a natural form that benefits our jobs, our families and ourselves.

I also had the privilege of talking with Greg before and after the taping and to see how he embodies his wisdom is a pure delight and contagious as you too will experience when you meet this fine gentleman.

Enjoy the episode, integrate your life and work, and feel the joy it brings.

Have a great week,




TO CONTACT BARRY YOU MAY E-MAIL HIM AT: barrykibrick@aol.com



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