When Life and Art Are One

One of the greatest gifts a movie can give us is to see ourselves… We each are the star of our own movie. 

Illeana Douglas –


We can debate whether life imitates art or if it is the other way around, but for Illeana Douglas life and art are one. And, when you read her book: I Blame Dennis Hopper: And Other Stories from a Life Lived In and Out of the Movies you will realize this is no exaggeration.

This talented actress and director has graced the big screen in some of the most memorable Martin Scorsese’s films. From Goodfellas to Cape Fear and from The Last Temptation of Christ to New York Stories, but as Scorsese himself told her: “I think the problem you are going to have in your career is that you are always going to be more interesting than your material.


And you too will realize that when you meet Illeana this week on most of our PBS stations. Her riveting personality and striking looks will keep your eyes glued to the screen, while our conversation reveals not only a most unusual life, but in a very strange way, one we can all relate to on so many levels.

My life, which has often played like a movie, with me both in the movie and outside it.

Many of us have also felt our life sometimes plays outside ourselves. However, one of the wonderful things you take away from meeting Illeana is that it can also be something you embrace.

Illeana Douglas

In fact, as uncommon as her real life story is, she reminds us that all our lives are filled with unavoidable twists and turns. The secret is to not only come to terms with all the quirks and foibles we experience that make us feel out of place, but to cherish them and let them actually lead us on our own personal adventure.

Enjoy the week and may your own adventure be an Oscar contender,




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