Happy Thanksgiving with or without the Stress

It is the belief that stress is harmful that is harmful and not the stress.

– Kelly McGonigal, Ph.D –

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. A day dedicated to gratitude and the good feelings that come from it when shared with friends and family.


Holidays, sometimes along with the joy, also can come with a sizable dose of stress. The reasons vary and each person has their own stresses and deals with them accordingly.

But at this time of the year, and with Christmas and Chanukah close behind, thinking of stress in a new light can make all the difference between enjoying the holidays or dreading them.


Kelly McGonigal, a brilliant psychologist and professor at Stanford, is shaking up the world about preconceived notions of stress. With her revolutionary book, The Upside of Stress, she blows away all myths about stress and shows why it is actually good for you and how you can master it.

When our conversation first aired it generated some of the most positive comments from viewers and many wished they could share the episode with others.

Well, here’s my Thanksgiving gift to you all so you can now share Kelly’s wisdom and insights with friends and family who might be feeling more stress than joy.

Just click on the EPISODE below to see it in its entirety and share it with all who it may provide solace on this joyous of holidays.

Enjoy the show and a Happy Thanksgiving to all,




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