Fix Your Thoughts, Fix the World

We must give ourselves time to think and to understand who we are, for we have much to learn about ourselves. 

Dr. Peter Whybrow – The Well-Tuned Brain 

Our first primal thoughts were about immediate survival. After we secured ourselves and realized that through cooperation we had more control over our environment, we begin to think outside of ourselves and even outside our immediate communities.


In current times we now think on a global and some even on a universal scale. However, if we do not start with our individual selves, the only thing even remotely in our control, than we really cannot reach out to all the other large scale issues. As Dr. Whybrow states: “We are living in the shadow of our achievements… We have fallen out of tune with who we really are.”

Dr. Whybrow is the Director of the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA. One of the key theories in his book, The Well-Tuned Brain, is how we must have a deeper understanding of ourselves in order to have an effect on our surroundings.

The challenge – blending reason and passion to promote individual wellbeing and a sustainable human future.

Model of human brain and cogwheel mechanism

The first step therefore is to turn inwards and examine who we are before we venture outward and fulfill our life’s purpose. To help the societies in which we live, and develop a better understanding of our world and universe we must start with a “well-tuned brain.”

However, here is the rub. Our inward selves are often filled with manifestations of our mind that block us from seeing clearly. Even if though these manifestations are in our minds does not mean we are to blame for them. We grade ourselves on these feelings without truly examining the realities of our lives.


One little trick I learned, but still often forget, is to step outside of myself and view my actions (not my thoughts) as if they are not mine but a friend or a colleague. Would I judge them as hard and be so critical? The answer, when I can achieve this, is always a more positive view of myself then I initially had.

This form of thinking definitely requires imagination, creativity and continued self-discovery, but from my own experience I know it is within all of our reach.

We each want to believe that the crises we face are beyond individual control – But such a mindset does not do justice to our intelligence and to what we know about human behavior.

– Dr. Peter Whybrow –

Start with the self, change your mindset, then you can truly have an effect on all around you.


We go deeper into this idea in my entire conversation with Dr. Whybrow about his book, The Well-Tuned Brain. The episode airs this week on most of our PBS stations.

Enjoy the show, know you have what it takes, and have a great Labor Day weekend,





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