Why We Must Become Leaders

It’s our collective task to liberate the leader in each and every one of us.
James Kouzes  and Barry Posner The Leadership Challenge

James Kouzes, along with his co-author Barry Posner, wrote what is celebrated throughout the world as the definitive book on becoming a leader. With over two million copies sold their book, The Leadership Challenge, inspires and encourages the heart so that all may embark on a lifetime journey of significance and personal success.
James was a guest on my show awhile back but his work and book may be more important now because there is a deep-rooted feeling that good leadership is lacking in many of our institutions.

One reason I believe this is happening is because we ourselves are giving over the power of leadership that is rightfully ours. As James says:
The first place to look for leadership is in yourself.
I’m putting this timely and important episode on our YouTube Channel and it is also embedded directly below.
Leadership is a process ordinary people use when they are bringing forth the best from themselves and others.  When the leader in everyone is liberated extraordinary things happen.
One place where leadership abounds is at NASA. This week’s episode on most of our PBS stations features my conversation with Rod Pyle and his book Innovation the NASA Way. NASA has faced many challenges and Rod Pyle outlines the ultimate solutions the agency’s talented team worked out.

Enjoy them both and have a great week,

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