Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could take what we KNOW to be true and actually use it for our benefit? In fact, why is it that some of our deepest held beliefs turn out to be something we can acknowledge but often times can never implement in our own lives? Why is common sense so rarely common?
The answer: We are human.

Yes, like it or not, our human minds are filled with so much anxiety we rarely can implement the truths we know.

BUT… What if our anxiety could be the best thing for us?

My guest this week, on most of our PBS stations, certainly has the wisdom to point us in the right direction. His name is Dennis Palumbo and he is a true renaissance man. He co-wrote the screenplay for the wonderful film, My Favorite Year, one of the best books on writing ever published, Writing from the Inside Out, and is currently the author of the acclaimed Daniel Rinaldi mystery thrillers.

He is also a great psychologist who has dedicated himself to taking all of that anxiety running around our minds and helping us to use it and love it rather than abuse it and hate ourselves.
Our conversation this week focuses on the numerous articles he writes for Psychology Today Online. Many focus on taking what we believe to be our worst traits and spinning them into our greatest assets.
To embrace both one’s doubt and faith, one’s fear and courage, is to relate to the totality of the human experience… In the end, it’s all just grist for the mill… Use it.
However, Dennis is too good of a psychologist to know that just mere words are enough. As he so eloquently puts it:
Getting out of your own way… May be simple, but it’s not easy.

When it is not easy you can always follow the prescription of my guest, comedian George Wallacewhose episode about his book Laff it Off! is now on Youtube and embedded below.

Enjoy the episodes and even if it’s not easy, get out of your own way, or at least have a good laugh, 


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