Saying Sorry

This week, airing on most of our stations, is my conversation with the Oscar nominated actor Bruce Dern. Our discussion is about his most unique family life and career, detailed in is memoir: Things I’ve Said, But Probably Shouldn’t Have.

As we start the New Year I am certain that, like Bruce, many of us would love to take back some of the things we have said but probably shouldn’t have. 

Well, there is no better time than the present to implement in our lives one of the great words of all time, SORRY.

A sincere and genuine SORRY can change the most difficult situation around and often leaves all parties in a better state than if nothing went wrong in the first place. Like exercise, you exhaust your muscles to build them up. Saying SORRY may take a little out of you but it builds your emotional strength. 

Plus, even if you were the one that was wronged, a heartfelt SORRY can right the ship and provide an inner peace even if the SORRY is rebuffed. 

In fact, when an earnest SORRY is given, you benefit by clearing out the baggage in your emotional closet.

So, even if you already broke your New Year’s resolution, give a warm, loving SORRY to yourself, it works just as well as giving it to others.

Have a great week and may the coming year be filled with good health and happiness and a grateful SORRY or two. 




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2 thoughts on “Saying Sorry

  1. Barry – good advice – i've been using it alot lately and you are right, it works wonders. it makes others realize i am accountable to them, that i care about their feelings, and that i am self aware of my faults. plus, keeps my guilt level low! happy new year to you and yours and thank you for your work which inspires me often. janine.


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