Dear Viewers and Readers:

I love when Chanukah and Christmas overlap. Their convergence this year is that the last day of Chanukah is on Christmas Eve.

While Jews around the world light the eighth candle on the menorah, Christians begin their joyous celebration of the birth of Christ.

In mathematics, convergence refers to the idea that different transformations come to a conclusion and that the conclusion reached is independent of the path taken to get to it.

So although the paths may be different the conclusion is the same. We all seek to live by the GOLDEN RULE and are united in so many ways.

Be you Muslim or Hindu, Buddhist or Atheist, or anything in-between or outside, you too are part of this wonderful convergence.

To all my viewers and readers, whatever path you are on, may you experience the joy of this Holiday Season and may we all converge in this New Year and be filled with good health and happiness.

Airing this week on most of our stations is an homage to a convergence of another sort.

My guest is the lovely and talented actress Victoria Tennant. Our discussion is based on her gorgeous, photo-biography Irina Baronova and the Ballets Russes De Monte Carlo. Irina Baronova is Victoria’s mother and along with George Balanchine, one of the most influential people to bring ballet to the United States and many other countries.

It is also a story of triumph and passion of the human spirit.

Passion must be brought to the forefront or even more difficult, sometimes must be an underpinning that is repressed but felt deeply.
-Victoria Tennant-

Enjoy the episode, the holiday spirit, and may passion be at your forefront or underpinning throughout the New Year and always.




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