Us versus Them

From the first blip of the Big Bang the universe and everything in it has been all about opposing forces. Be it gravity (on the Macro universe scale) versus electromagnetism (on the micro atomic scale), existence began with something versus something: One original force divided into two forces pushing against each other with the result being some form of stability.
From Socrates to the rabbinical scholars of the Old Testament, from Buddha to Jesus, from Hegel to Marx, from Newton to Hawking all knew that what drove civilization and the universe was that everything was composed of opposing forces.

The term used by most to describe these opposing forces is “The Dialectic.” In Hegel’s case it was opposing ideas, in Marx’s opposing materialistic forces.

The dialectical method of discourse is between two or more people holding different points of views about a subject. The purpose of this discourse is to establish the fact of the matter through reasoned arguments. The goal is to resolve the disagreement through rational discussion and according to Socrates; ultimately find the truth.

Since this has been occurring from the beginning of time, it is no surprise that at this time opposing forces seem to be at the forefront of almost everything we see and read.

Be it the GOP versus the Democrats, Batman versus Superman, the Executive Branch versus Congress or the Android versus the iPhone, our differences define us and our times.

However, while our difference may define us and opposing forces may yield the truth, we too often forget all the things we have in common.

The reason – it just is not as exciting. 

But you do not have to be a sociologist or philosopher or physicist to see this. Just talk to your neighbors, your family, your friends or your co-workers. I guarantee you will all have some opposing ideas but out of 100 subjects I am also certain that you’ll agree on 95 or more of them.

When I broached this topic with my son Eli, he said something that I wrote down and have kept on my desk for the past few weeks: “Dad, everything is intrinsically connected, just in a complex way.”
Maybe it is not so much Us versus Them but rather we are all in this together, just in a complex way.

So Android or iPhone? Don’t ask me I have a Windows 8.



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