Waking Up – It’s Your Destiny

When spirituality meets a video game it just might be Destiny.

I taped two shows this Friday that could not have been more diverse but turned out to have so much in common. In fact, my son’s friend who was at the taping thought I must have planned it that way, but it just happened.
My first guest was Pete Parsons, the COO of Bungie, the video game company. Our discussion was about their new blockbuster called Destiny and the deep philosophy behind the game and the company.

Immediately following my conversation with Pete was an illuminating discussion with the renowned neuroscientist, philosopher and outspoken Atheist Sam Harris. Our conversation was all about his newest bestseller, Waking Up, which is all about spirituality.

Even I was taken aback at the end of the day how a chat about a new video game and a discussion about spirituality could have been so in sync.
It really brought home the fact that we all have much more in common than we have differences. If one looked at our major institutions, and our major media, you would believe we are only on divergent paths. But the reality is just the opposite and both my guests, Pete and Sam, brought that out to the nth degree.
To begin with, many believe that video games are the cause of everything from violence to creating a society of mind numbing couch potatoes, yet here is a game called Destiny which literally means: “The inner purpose of a life that can be discovered and realized.”  That was what Pete and Bungie wanted – To make a game that reflected their own philosophy of life. To quote Pete:
The world is a place worthy of heroes.
We need to be reminded of that rather than being pounded with such negativity. In fact, on a certain level that is what Sam’s book, Waking Up, is also about.
Sam believes that spirituality is a key to removing the negative thoughts that dominate our minds and does so in a way that lets us see a truer vision of what life is really about.
To quote Sam:
Spirituality is not just important for living a good life; it is actually essential for understanding the human mind.

In the game Destiny Pete talked about HOPE and the moral aspects as the driving force Bungie wants the game to convey. To quote a character from the game:
No matter what the darkness brings, we will be here at the dawn…
Strive for honor. Stand for hope.
In Sam’s book Waking Up he too hammers home an important message for us all.
Consciousness is what gives our lives a moral dimension. We know that the deepest and most durable forms of well-being must be compatible with an ethical concern for other people.
So, whether you’re battling aliens in a video game, or thoughts in your own head, remember that we all struggle, but wisdom and happiness are also just around the bend.
Enjoy the week,
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