We Must Keep Innovation Alive

This week, debuting in most of our markets around the country, will be my conversation with Rod Pyle and his book Innovation the NASA Way
Innovation is the key not only for our survival, but for humanity to thrive.
The epitome of mankind’s innovation can be seen through the work done at NASA. The world as we know it from cell phones to GPS to Satellite TV and all our current knowledge of space and what has developed from it would not exist if it was not for the brilliant men and women who work at our Space Agency and their affiliated groups such as JPL and Cal Tech.

Whether it is the moon landing, Mars exploration, the climate or the mapping of our world and universe, the U.S. through NASA is at the forefront of it all.
Our nation’s investment in NASA returns a wide range of benefits and value to society but our continued support for this institution of innovation is at a low point and needs to be re-energized.

From national security to medical inventions to mapping and exploring our universe NASA surely will continue to play a role, but it must have the same enthusiasm for it as existed in the 60’s when we as a nation decided to land on the moon.

That spirit of innovation is still alive and well but we might have lost our connection with it. To regain that connection we need to see how innovation, within our own grasp, can be utilized in all our endeavors.
When we set out to bring innovation to our own workplaces and businesses, it is often with some degree of risk—sometimes minor, sometimes great. But if we believe in our ideas, if we have confidence in ourselves, and if we are bold in our plans and assertions, great things can happen.
-Rod Pyle-

Keep the spirit of innovation alive and make things happen.
Have a great week,
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