Knowing Oneself – The Last Frontier

This week, debuting in most of our markets around the country, will be my conversation with Matthew Stewart and his book Nature’s God. This is a fascinating look at the philosophical beliefs of our Founding Fathers. Matthew includes many who are not well known throughout history, such as Thomas Young, whose writings and actions spurred on our more famous founders.

Thomas Young
Our discussion ranges from the heretical ideologies that many of our revolutionary leaders held to the religious philosophies of most of the citizenry. Plus, the important role that both played in the forming of the nation. 

Washington, Jefferson, Franklin and Adams all knew the importance of bringing these different ideological beliefs together in order to establish our freedom. The one thing they all knew was that knowledge would be the key to maintaining the American Experiment. 

To be free it is necessary first to know oneself; and to know oneself it is necessary first to know the world. The long and arduous path to freedom passes through the continuous improvement in our knowledge of ourselves and of the entire universe.
-Matthew Stewart-
Knowing oneself. On the surface that would seem like the easiest thing for an individual to do, yet it is considered one of the truly great conquests of all time.
Know Thyself

Our Founding Fathers knew this in their inner core and I was amazed at how much they discussed this amongst themselves and why they felt it was key to not only starting a nation, but a world-wide belief system.   

We often feel powerless when we see all the great issues facing our country and our world, but all the answers might just lie on top of our shoulders.
Get to know yourself,
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