A Chance to Renew

This week airing on most of our stations, dive into the heart and mind of the most prolific producers of our time, Jerry Bruckheimer.

For all my viewers and readers celebrating Rosh Hashanah this week may you all be blessed with a happy, healthy and sweet New Year.

“New Years” are perfect times for all to renew one’s spirit.
Last night Rabbi David Baron of The Temple of the Arts gave a most inspiring sermon about how a simple act of kindness not only renews the spirit of the person who is the recipient, but also the person who does it.

Temple of the Arts

He went on to add that it can take the smallest gesture, the slightest act of kindness to renew yourself and start your life on a path filled with grace and joy. 
Last week this was brought to life through the words of a dear guest on Between the Lines, Terri Cheney, the author of Manic, a searing memoir on living with bi-polar disorder.

In an article she wrote last week for Psychology Todaywhich I recommend you all read – http://www.psychologytoday.com/em/160117 – Terri gives an emotional account on how these little gestures literally not only saved her life, but brought a deep sense of renewal even from the darkest of places.
I bet those referred to in the article also must have felt this same renewal.
Renew yourself! You deserve it,
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