What Would George Washington Do?

This week’s episode that debuts on most of our PBS stations is a unique insight into the life of our Founding Father, George Washington, by none other than his great, great, etc. nephew, Austin Washington.  The thrill of having a direct descendent of George Washington on the show was enough, but to get a deep perspective that we never hear about made it a true delight.

Austin’s book is titled: The Education of George Washington. It is part history, part biography and a great dose of direct wisdom from our first president.
In fact, in Austin’s own words:
People admire what he did. But no one in over two centuries has really understood how he did it… This secret might help you do what he did, at least a bit. Be good and great.

Of course, no one is implying that if you read this book or watch our conversation you will be the next George Washington, but if you start to think like he did and see how he developed his character and values, you cannot go wrong if you: “Just do what George would do.”

What I appreciated learning most was that George Washington did have a sense of his importance, but one thing he wanted was for all of us to understand how vast and magnificent we are.

We should not look back unless it is to derive useful lessons from past errors, and for the purpose of profiting by dearly bought experience.
– George Washington-
Enjoy and if in doubt, do what George would do.


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