To Live is to Dance – To Dance is to Live

One of the most famous skits that John Belushi did while on Saturday Night Live was called “The Dancer.” 

John is in old age make-up, visiting a cemetery where his fellow SNL cast members have been buried. John says: “They’re all gone and I miss every one of them. Why me? Why’d I live so long?”he demands. “I’ll tell you why,” he adds, now becoming youthful and starting to prance over the graves he says: “CAUSE I’M A DANCER!”

This week’s episode that debuts on most of our PBS stations celebrates dance with the man responsible for bringing this most amazing art form to the American consciousness, Nigel Lythgoe. He is the creator, producer, director and judge of the EMMY winning hit So You Think You Can Dance

For the record, my family and I have never missed a single episode of this program. It is so entertaining on so many levels. Filled with heart, soul, and athletic elegance, you are a close up witness to some the most amazing and emotional dances ever performed.

When Nigel first entered our studio the thing that wowed us all was his captivating grace and charm. Here is a man who not only created So You Think You Can Dance, but American Idol as well, yet he was so down to earth and funny, entertaining all the guests in the green room before his scheduled taping.

But it is THE DANCE that puts a glowing aura that not only surrounds him, but can be felt by all in his presence.
His love and respect for the art of dance is obvious for anyone who has seen the show and if you haven’t, start next week. It airs on Fox every Wednesday night at 8:00 and 7:00 central time.

I am certain that whether you are familiar with dance, or like me, appreciative but not thrilled by it at first, it will literally sweep you off your feet when you see the amazing performances and the most emotional and stylized choreography ever witnessed.

You’ll also get a little taste of it on our Between the Lines episode which I filled with as many EMMY winning dance routines I could, along with some of the amazing dancers both trained and untrained that will move you. 

It would be more than enough that Nigel (@dizzyfeet) made dance so popular but he doesn’t stop there. He strongly believes that art and culture is what defines a nation. With that in mind he, along with choreographer/director Adam Shankman (@adammshankman), created The Dizzyfeet Foundation.  Their mission is to support, improve, and increases access to dance education in the United States.

“I truly believe it makes you a better human being. You become reliant on people. It builds trust… It builds bridges.
-Nigel Lythgoe-
Keep on dancing,



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