Jerry Bruckheimer

When I told my dad the other day that JerryBruckheimer will be on the show this week (in Los Angeles and many other cities around the country) his first words were: “I see his name every day on TV.” So do about 250 million people each week.
Jerry is one of those guests that the mere mention of his name strikes some image in everyone’s mind. Whether it’s one of your favorite CSI episodes or the most popular reality show on TV, The Amazing Race or one of his iconic films the likes of Top Gun, Flashdance or any of the The Pirates of the Caribbean movies, the Bruckheimer name and famous logo cannot help but create an image in your consciousness.

One of the most exciting things about my work is that I get the pleasure of meeting the people that many have heard about and I get to know them outside of their domain. I have been honored to have a number of such opportunities but because of Jerry’s respect and notoriety in the world of entertainment, this time felt a little different.
I do my best to never have any preconceived expectations of what my guests will be like but I still often get surprised, and Jerry Bruckheimer provided one of those most pleasant of surprises.
All of us from the crew to my family were excited about this taping and when Jerry arrived he actually caught us a bit off guard. He had no entourage, no driver, no assistant and absolutely NO AIRS about him. He strolled into the green room, began introducing himself to everyone, and within seconds it felt like he was an old friend we knew and glad to see again.

I cannot help but feel you will have the same impression when you see us chat about his book, When Lightning Strikes, written by Michael Singer.
For those who are just readers of this blog and do not receive the show, I will post it on-line once my stations air it.
The thing I want to share with you most is that from my experience, when you meet people who are truly passionate about what they do and love doing it with all their heart and soul, they are some of the kindest and gentle people you’ll ever have the privilege of knowing, and Jerry Bruckheimer epitomizes that type of person.


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