Count Your Non-Blessings

This is a rare occasion, for many a once in a lifetime occurrence, when the holiday of Thanksgiving and Chanukah fall at the same time.
To all I wish a very Happy Thanksgiving and a year filled with many grateful moments. To those also celebrating Chanukah, may the festival of lights shine brightly on you throughout the year.

During Thanksgiving we celebrate all we have to be thankful for and remember the joy and happiness that fills our lives.
However, what about all the things that did not happen. Those things we so badly wanted to and was certain if they did would make us truly happy.
What sparked this thought was a song by Garth Brooks called, “Unanswered Prayers.” 
We too often forget what could have happened to us, both good and bad, but didn’t and the potential ramifications, both good and bad, if they did.
A personal example is Between the Lines. Before launching the show I was a behind the scenes producer building an up and coming production company. If all things worked as planned, and as I hoped they would, I never would have had the opportunity to shift directions and do the show I so love.

So, this Thanksgiving give some thought to all the things you may not have been grateful for at first, but in many ways turned out to be a true blessing in disguise.

One thing for certain, there are many more of those incidences than the ones we plan and hope will happen.
A special note to my Los Angeles viewers. There will be Marathon airings of Between the Lines this week featuring some of this year’s viewer favorites. It is part of a KLCS-TV pledge drive and you will have opportunities to receive some wonderful holiday gifts for supporting KLCS-TV through your pledges. Please check the episode listings at the top for all the shows that will be airing over the next few days.

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2 thoughts on “Count Your Non-Blessings

  1. You are so right – it's sort of like one door closes, and another opens up. If one had not had to keep walking one would never have seen Door #2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


  2. Truly, how wise we would be if we stopped judging everything as if we really “knew” what was in our highest good, and instead spent a little more time trusting that events might take a different path, one even better suited to our ultimate unfolding. Wonderful story, Barry. Grateful for you!


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