Last week’s post generated wonderful responses for providing an alternative look at video games. Too frequently we are given only one-sided views of a subject, and more often than not, usually the negative side.
The same holds true for people. We make assumptions on the surface but fail to look deeper into what makes them tick.
My son Eli, a filmmaker, who convinced me to give a different take on video games, also gave a different voice to an often maligned group – the so called “none cool kids” too often portrayed in the media and life as one dimensional outsiders.
His first feature length documentary, Pretend, which you can watch in its entirety below, does just that.

Encouraged by my wife and inspired by his brother Keenan and sister-in-law Melissa – he made a coming of age film about awkward youth doing whatever it takes to find happiness in life, even if it means playing make believe.
For a year he followed Keenan and Melissa at college as they brought together kids from all walks of life that, for the most part, did not fit in with the usual campus crowd. They were self proclaimed “nerds” who loved games like Dungeons and Dragons and LARPING, an acronym for Live Action Role Playing.
Like most commentaries on video games, which only feature the negative aspects, most comments and films about these young people have only poked fun and ridiculed their behavior.
Pretend takes the opposite approach, showing the inner beauty of its subjects and how by bonding through game playing these college students learn to value themselves in ways they never did before.
Share Pretend with your friends, children, grandchildren and anyone who can relate to being on the outside, for the film illustrates just how beautiful that can really be. Feel free to like it and comment on YOUTUBE.


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6 thoughts on “IMAGINATION

  1. Peggy Knorr
    Whether we feel we are looking from the Outside / In, or from the Inside / Out , I have the feeling that developing the sense of being neither in nor out, but using our imaginations to find ourselves being both at the same time, is where it's at …. WHOLE. That way we get the full power of coming of age in full BALANCE,
    which in essence is what it really is. The best of both worlds. Thanks, Eli for your great documentary, and thanks, Barry for including it in your blog. Peggy Knorr


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