I love connections. 

My Dad’s birthday is next week and on my way into work yesterday I was supposed to mail his birthday cards to be sure they arrived on time. I forgot them at home due to the fact I had to rush into work early. Knowing my Dad, he will not mind if the cards come a day late because we  always feel Dad’s love and he ours.

One reason for the unusual morning rush was I had an early edit session and before that wanted to sink my teeth into Stacy Keach’s  new book, All in All, coming soon on the show. By happenstance, within a few pages, he talks about the love he has for his dad and the affect his dad has on him.

One of the deepest connections we get to experience is that of love. 
I am reminded of this every day because over the doorway of our home is a piece of art given to me by a very dear viewer. It is simply the word “LOVE” painted by the poet/artist known as Den the Pen. You can view his art work and read his poetry at:

Like Stacy Keach, I never met Den the Pen but feel the connection between us. In fact, just a few days ago he sent me an e-mail with some poems he thought I would have a connection with because of his familiarity with Between the Lines.

As I was writing this post, and included Den the Pen in it, I thought maybe now is a perfect time to read some of the poems since I did not have a chance before. As I downloaded the first poem my editor called and said he was ready for me. With edit time being so precious, I had to once again rush off, but not before reading the one poem I had a chance to download.

A Peak Behind The Curtain
It’s not about your self
but your self in others
it’s not about the others
but the others in your self
it is the Connection that is everything
you give and they receive
they give and you receive
together you enter
it is the Entering that is everything
the selves of the voices becoming a choir
the man and woman becoming a family
the faithful becoming a church
strangers becoming friends
lovers becoming one
it is the Becoming that is everything
always an individual, always part of a circle
the unity of two or a trillion, it is the Belonging
that is everything
Connecting, Entering, Becoming, Belonging-
this is a little peak behind the curtain of heaven

So, Happy Birthday Dad, can’t wait to meet you Stacy, and thank you Den the Pen for connecting it all.

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