Some of my favorite stories have to do with coincidences and my favorite response to telling these stories usually is: “There are no coincidences.” Even my mother used to tell me: “Everything happens for a reason.”
Everyone I know has usually more than one great coincidence story and about half of them also believe there are no coincidences.

Psychologist Carl Jung believed the traditional notions of causality were incapable of explaining some of the more improbable forms of coincidence. He believed where no causal connection can be demonstrated between two events, but a meaningful relationship nevertheless exists between them, a different type of principle is likely to be operating. Jung called this principle “synchronicity.”

In the Journal of Cosmologya few years back three physicists wrote an article titled: Synchronicity, Quantum Information and the Psyche
Below is how they start their thesis.
In this paper we describe synchronicity phenomena. As an explanation of these phenomena we propose quantum entanglement between the psychic realm known as the “unconscious” and also the classical illusion of the collapse of the wave-function…
Synchronicity effects are global phenomena in space and time. They cannot be explained by classical physics. However, in the case of a significant coincidence appearing between the psyche of two individuals one can see an analogy with quantum entanglement.

One of Einstein’s classic lines is: “God does not play with dice.” Even though he was the unwilling father of quantum physics, which seems to allow for dice rolling in the universe, he never came to terms with it. He always believed there was some form of connectivity, a “cosmic library” of sorts.
Skeptics, such as Robert Todd Carroll of the Skeptic’s Dictionary, argue that the perception of synchronicity is better explained as apophenia – the experience of seeing meaningful patterns or connections in random or meaningless data. Michael Shermer, a past guest on Between the Lines and publisher of Skeptic Magazinecoined the word “patternicity”, defining it as “the tendency to find meaningful patterns in meaningless noise.”

Do you believe in synchronicity or patternicity? Are there no coincidences or is it just apophenia? The big split is in the concept of connectivity. Even if there is randomness does connectivity still exist? And, there is the ultimate question of consciousness, where does it fit in this conundrum? The answer lies somewhere in the “cosmic library”.
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8 thoughts on “COINCIDENCE

  1. “Even if there is randomness does connectivity still exist? “

    In my experience the above is true.

    As for everything having a reason, – you can learn from ANY experience, but not always from the hard ones. How often do we all make the same mistake in relationships over and over again? I think there is superstition at work here, one can find a reason for everything and read into anything. And even if the universe were so pointed, does knowing this matter? It's what we do with the hand we're dealt.

    I personally have a hard time believing in a personal God when I see starving children, children in armies with machine guns, ad infinitum, who I believe are true victims. Sure, they'll learn a lot about their experience…at their own expense.

    I just don't get it, but love the discussion.


  2. I love this blog post… Beautifully written! My two-cents: I don't think everything is a coincidence… I think we are given signs that we are on the correct path toward our ultimate destiny-to contribute our best while we are here, whether it be raising the next admired/great leader or being that leader. I think it's up to us to recognize the signs that we are given as gifts to propel us forward with an attitude of gratitude for the opportunity to be all we can be, even in the hard times. I had the funniest sign literally hit me at the beach yesterday… and it matched my project exactly (not beach related). I'm glad I saw it.


  3. Perhaps the hard ones re-occur until we maneuver our way through them.
    Knowing the pointedness may encourage us to accept more responsibility for our behavior. “It's what we do with the hand we're dealt” is the point. What we do with our “coincidences” demonstrates our true character. If we grow from our hardships and mistakes, we show intelligence that really matters — that's what we should be taught in school.
    Injustice of circumstance is not the same as coincidence. There are lessons one can learn even there though and coincidences occur as well. Hardship exists, cruelty and evil exist and our experiences and others experiences are not fairly doled out. Here again, as you said, “It's what we do with the hand we're dealt” that matters. And a starving child may not have the strength to react any other way than to die — that is a whole discussion in itself. There must be so much going on behind the scenes that we see. For some, to believe and trust in a benevolent God is the only way they can wrap their mind around the injustices. That is probably why it is important to them. For us who cannot find peace there, the importance may lie in what we do as a result. Does it make us a better, more compassionate and conscious person; does it turn us bitter, cruel and irresponsible?


  4. Dear Barry,

    To position myself in your thinking with respect to my answer to your question about coincidences…. I have a degree in physics and have studied for many years both quantum physics and metaphysics (which I find to be, at base, in complete harmony with each other).

    In answer to your question…. I am absolutely convinced that nearly all (if not all) “coincidences” are, in fact, “synchronicity,” which I define as the coincidental occurrence of events due to unseen (spiritual) relationships between the parties to the events.

    When we understand the underlying principles of our experience of reality (as revealed mostly by metaphyscis, some by quantum physics, and not at all by any of the other disciplines of science), the operation of synchronicity in our lives becomes obvious. A book that expresses this in pretty clear terms is The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard. However, I have found that the purest descriptions of the principles which give rise to synchronicity come from channeled sources, particularly Bashar. (Bashar's most complete descriptions of synchronicity are not on the internet, but the one at that link gives a fair overview, despite the low video quality.)

    Any dismissal of the principle of synchronicity by “scientists” stems from their own ego, which embraces a very limited (and therefore inaccurate) view of our experience of reality.

    Warmest regards,
    Ken Gullekson
    Author of The Brink of Tomorrow — New Age fiction


  5. One of Einstein’s classic lines is: “God does not play with dice.” ???

    Oh but He does! Of course, this kind of thinking depends on where your beliefs are. To me, sometimes coincidence is “deja vu”…. a matter of having lived that moment before…and then using free will to either do it again the same way or not. Doesn't it seem so familiar?

    There are coincidences that are pre-determined if you listen closely to that inner voice. And whose voice is it, anyway? Do you ever hear in your head “Turn left” and then find out that you end up in a location where you have had a relationship with it? (previous experience). Or you go to a restaurant or shop and run into someone you know who you haven't seen in awhile but were thinking of? (“WOW! What are you doing here? It's crazy…I never come here!!) God does play with dice…or the domino effect. Everything has its' place in time…and for a reason. And sometimes twice or more….until we get it right!


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