Since the beginning of time mankind has questioned “Why are we here?” Even before the written word this thought must have penetrated an individual’s mind or possibly even the collective mind of a tribal society.

From philosophers to physicists and from theologians to artists this most ponderous of pondering is the driving force behind all we seek.
Some of us know “our mission” from a very early age. Some are constantly searching for it. For many it even changes from time to time.
I was discussing this topic with my family the other night and even questioned if MISSION was the right word to be using. Was it too powerful, too religious, too ambitious?

The next day I received a call from a dear friend Peggy K. I admire many things about Peggy but one of the qualities I enjoy most is her constant pursuit of knowledge. I brought the subject up to her and by the next morning received an e-mail from Peggy I want to share with you.
I am posting this with her permission and also asked if I may divulge her age because I believe it will benefit many if they knew. She had no problem with it.
So, without further adieu, I present this poem from Peggy, 90+ years young.
Are there limits to which a man can aspire?
How far can he stretch the sinews of his soul to reach the greatness   
that he hears knocking on the door of his awareness?

How far can he penetrate into the volume of his unknowingness
which is awaiting for his passion to be accepted?
How can a man while struggling for his existence
go beyond, out of the harbor of his safeness
to reach and unite with his inner-most and farthest calling?
His yearning, searching heart keeps thrusting into the spaces
between his feelings and desires and the stern walls of his aspirations.
He hears the echoes of it from the walls of his awareness,
He feels it pushing at the doors of his perception.
It will not let him rest.
He feels it constantly battering at his mind, ceaselessly, with urgency and no stoppage, beckoning him….calling him to sublimity, to regions yet beyond his limit.

He has tasted the allure that shows him his greatness;
He sees it in his dreams and in his waking hours;
He hears the constant voice inside his being that tells him he can reach beyond into his everlasting present yet-to-be-known callings.
Sometimes it calms into the stillness of the small voice of his perception, 
beckoning and calling with a beguiling insistence.
If he listens quietly he finds it’s always there.
He reaches in and feels the cool seas of its knowing;
waves lapping restlessly against the pebbles, pulling him in with rhythmic insistence telling him that his mission is sacred and true, definite and holy.
Sometimes he hears it as a mighty storm, shouting and raging
across the surging oceans of his awareness, warning him to set anchor and ride out the destruction of possible disaster.
Sometimes he ventures in and feels the burning flames of his passion forging the steel of his resolve into new constructions,
shaping ideas out of the ashes of his previous conformations.
He has heard the multiplicity of the far voices of eternity;
the past great ones who have reached their own True Selves through their callings.
And he has companions who are inextricably linked to him and each to the other in their glorious struggle of man to reach his Self-hood.
And constantly he knows that he is aligned with the saving grace of the Forces of Goodness, great surges of life with immeasurable power and the pure air of free existence; a giant spearhead of desire enveloping the spaces far beyond his ken.

How can he use his mortal mind with all its limitations?
He must see himself as a Holy Being, joyfully forging his way through gigantic platforms of awareness.
He can immerse himself into the seas of his desires and, becoming one with them, see himself as totally connected with their greatness.
He can send his small ego out to play, like a troublesome child, while the great Parent of his Mind powerfully attends to a Greater Mission.
Thank you dear Peggy for allowing me to share your wisdom and may her words gently wash over you on your own mission.

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8 thoughts on “WHAT IS OUR MISSION

  1. Thank you Barry for posting words from our Peggy Knoor. We used to be in a writing class together in Whittier, Ca and I know of her ability to write. Hope she will share her youth with you sometime soon. Born to English parents abroad, she has an insight few Americans attain. Thank you Peggy.


  2. One of the great lessons from my High School English teacher was the meaning of vocation. It comes from the same root as vocal and and was originally defined as one's calling. I have always held this dear and have tried to look for my vocation as opposed to a job or career.


  3. Having known Peggy for many years through a business relationship, I was never aware of her writing talent, nor did I ever suspect the depth of her thought processes until she began sending me chapters of her memoirs. This poem, “Man With A Mission” is a description of her. This little lady has become a giant in my eyes. God bless her, and thanks to you for giving her a medium to be heard.

    Henry Haddad


  4. Thank you for posting this poem from Peggy. She is a lovely woman and always an inspiration. I have posted some of her poems and stories on my class blog, as well. If you are interested in reading them (or other posts), please go to my page: writetorememberyourstories.blogspot.com.


  5. Peggy, has taught me that one must excavate the many different layers of our being to realize our purpose/mission while in the realm of this life on earth. Everytime I communicate with Peggy she feeds my curiosity and lifts me up from the mundane with her “possibitlity thinking.”


  6. Peggy has taught me that one needs to excavates many layers of self to find our purpose/mission while on this earth's realm. When I read Peggy's writing or communicate with her, she lifts me from the mundane and opens up my curiosity and a world of possiablities for me to ponder. That is just what a great writer does,and she is among the best.


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