This week a new episode of Between the Linesdebuts in Los Angeles and many PBS stations across the country. The topic is about our emotions and how we deal with those that our toxic to our health.

The episode features Ken Lindner, a true renaissance man. He is not only one of the country’s premier talent agents but also the founder of Life-Choice Psychology and has counseled thousand of people to make life-enhancing personal and professional decisions. With his book, Your Killer Emotions, he shares ways to take emotions and combine them with reason to help empower actions.

This is not an easy task for most of us and too often we fall prey to negative feelings that spring out from certain emotions.
The key to minimizing this is to learn how to identify and channel the energy from those emotions, because you cannot eliminate them, but you do have the power to decide how you will respond to them when they enter your consciousness.  As Ken states:
Acknowledging, appreciating, and truly feeling grateful for your blessings can put things in a better and brighter perspective and dissipate a great deal of the intensity of your poisonous, emotion-generated energy charges.

If you are not already appreciating and truly feeling grateful for your blessings, this Memorial Weekend is a perfect time to start because we must always be grateful for the brave men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice in order for us to reap the blessings of living in this country.

Click here for Episode and Station Listings

Barry Kibrick


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