Ray Manzarek

 I was very fortunate to have Ray Manzarek on my show Between the Lines with Barry Kibrick twice.

Just a few weeks ago I also had the privilege of having another one of The Door’s founding members John Densomore on the program. His episode will be airing shortly on PBS stations around the country.  In fact, in my conversation with John, we spoke about Ray and some of the things he talked with me about when he was on the show.

John was very taken with the comments and we then had a chance to play off them as well.
I will be posting my conversation with Ray on Youtube tomorrow but since he “Broke on through to the other side,” yesterday, I want to share some of the words Ray shared with me on the program.

About The Doors

The band had the elusive it.  To seize the energy of the moment and hold it captive.

About The Music

I always felt that a glow of sunlight infused our music even when our explorations took us into the dark zones of forbidden revelation.

The music was meant to be felt in your chakras. (This is what John and I discussed in our upcoming episode.) From Robbie’s chords, to Jim’s voice, to John’s beat and to my keyboard we wanted the music to penetrate deep within.
About Life
Each person has to make his own leap of faith… All we have to do is open up to the beauty of the world.  To break out of our shells, our egos.  To go beyond the you and the me.

Dear Ray, you did it all for us. 
See you on the other side, 

Barry Kibrick


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